The Wynnum Manly Web App 

The Wynnum Manly web app for your smartphone.

The future apps 

Unlike the classic native app (to download from an app store), the web app is launched directly from the web browser. This has a number of advantages:

  • It does not have to be downloaded and installed from a store before the first start. 
  • It is completely platform-independent and immediately available worldwide. 
  • Updates are made live on the web app without having to first update them in a store. 
  • It also offers features previously known only to native-programmed apps, such as push notifications (unfortunately Apple still doesn't support push norifications) 
  • It often runs faster and smoother than the old native app.
  • It does not use any space on your smartphone.

Watch the videos below on how to add a web app to your Smartphone. No download or update required and no space required on your phone. Just add to your home screen. 

Type into your browser. 

Use the Safari Browser for iOS.

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